Ferrari – Race to Immortality

F1PPThe 1950s. Dawn of the iconic Scuderia Ferrari in the Formula One World Championship and deadliest decade in motor racing history. As cars pushed the limits of human ingenuity, drivers lived on a knife edge between life and death.

At the centre of it all was Enzo Ferrari, a towering figure in motor racing and patriarch of Ferrari who dared to dream about speed in ways nobody else could. Amidst the stiff competition within his team, two of its stars, Peter Collins and Mike Hawthorn, decided that their friendship was as important as winning the next race.

Ferrari: Race to Immortality tells the story of the loves and losses, triumphs and tragedy of Ferrari’s most decorated drivers in an era where it was la dolce vita during the week and a coin toss of whether they lived or died on the weekend.


Enzo Ferrari, the founder of the Scuderia Ferrari Grand Prix motor racing team who dared to dream about speed in ways nobody else could.
Peter Collins, the dashing golden boy of the 1957 Grand Prix motor racing season. Enzo assumes Peter as a surrogate for his lost son Dino.
In 1957 Eugenio Castellotti featured more in the gossip columns than the motoring magazines due to his high profile relationship with opera singer Delia Scala.
The Mille Miglia race across Italy in 1957 is a catastrophe claiming the life of his star driver, Alfonso de Portago, and 9 spectators
Luigi Musso, , the only Italian driving for Ferrari during the 1958 season, feels the full force of the English duo Hawthorn and Collins.
The controversial and colourful Mike Hawthorn embraces danger and defies the death of his best friend to be crowned world champion in 1958 for Enzo Ferrari’s team.


Ferrari – Race to Immortality premieres in theatres on November 3rd in the UK.


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