The beginning of the end for McLaren?

Harry Eade.

If there were no losers in sport then nobody would watch or partake in it. Sport is based on competition, not everybody can be a winner. Those who have previously won before may well lose in the future, and those that are currently losing may well win again in the future. There are also those that win more than lose, and those that lose more than they win. It saddens me to write this, but McLaren may well have drifted into that latter category.

No longer can we classify this as just a temporary bad spell of results in McLaren’s history. We are rapidly nearing halfway through their fifth winless season in Formula 1. So far this year they have;

  • Scored no points
  • A rookie who has not been able to show his potential
  • Arguably the greatest driver of a generation ready to walk out the door at any minute
  • And an engine that has so many issues with it that I can hear the divorce papers being filed in Japan as we speak. They are truly a team currently cemented at the lower end of the grid.

This is not an article to hate on the once mighty team from Woking – I am, like most a huge fan of them. Only Ferrari and Williams rival their history and prestige and there is no doubt that McLaren has been one of the great teams of this sport. However, past performance is never a guarantee of future success and this has never been truer in McLaren’s case. Honda’s re-attempt at establishing itself in Formula 1 has backfired catastrophically and this time they have managed to take McLaren down with them.

The McLaren-Honda marriage has been one full of controversy. (Pic: Sky Sports)

For too long, McLaren have been trying to pass this off as a brief disappointment and that the good times are right around the corner. Great teams of the sport, such as Tyrrell have stumbled slowly down the grid order until the money ran out and they flickered into non-existence.

It is not always simple to recreate the glory days of yore. The slightly wrong shade of orange that the MCL32 displays rather ironically sums up their attempt to recreate the magic of the past.

In theory it should work… however reality is a cruel mistress.


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