Bugatti and Formula One


Ok, so not exactly true – in fact we may be accused of rolling out some classic ‘fake news’ – but oh, if only it were true and these rather tasty images from @SeanBullDesign were in fact a glittering reality.


Sean has turned his hand at some pretty stunning images and renders in months gone by, but none more tantalising that the prospect of having the great Bugatti name back on the Formula One grid.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As you’ll see, Sean has taken inspiration from Bugatti with a simple, yet effective colour scheme, and has attributed some heavyweight sponsors to the team, such as Esso (as the official fuel and lubricants supplier) and Cartier.

Bugatti haven’t been seen in Formula One since a disastrous outing at the 1956 French Grand Prix. Here, Bugatti made an appearance with their Type 251 driven by Maurice Trintignant. The car proved to be uncompetitive and eventually retired after 18 laps after an issue with a sticking throttle.

It was shortly thereafter that the Bugatti name all but disappeared, when the automobile company went up for sale after producing some 8000 automobiles. The company was eventually sold – ironically for it’s sideline business of aeroplane parts manufacture – before being revived in the late 1990’s as a high-end, limited edition sports car manufacturer.

Today, Bugatti is owned by the German automotive giant Volkswagen… and sadly it might be some time before we see them in Formula One. But in the meantime, we can enjoy this ‘what if’ by Sean.




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