An F1 Golf Cart


Whether you’re a golfer looking for a unique way to get around the golfing greens, or a Formula One enthusiast wanting a unique part of F1 for your collection, we may have the thing for you.

F1PP normally keeps a look out for ex-Formula One cars that are up for sale, rushes out to buy a EuroMillions ticket and then sits back, rubbing a rabbits foot with ferocity, hoping those numbers fall our way and that Brabham BT60-Y will finally be ours.

But fear not, you don’t need a mega budget to afford this awesome piece of F1 Kit.

Yes, it’s an F1 inspired Golf Cart. Awesome. 

I mean come on! How amazing is this? And best of all – there’s two of them!

Both vehicles have re-built Yamaha petrol golf buggy engines and running gear, all parts are readily available off the shelf, making them easy to service and maintain in the future. The rear wing endplates and roof snorkel can be removed and stored in padded bags (provided) for ease of transportation (fits in / on a standard size car trailer).

These are the property of an events company who are now no longer providing F1 Hospitality and as such, they’re sitting around gathering dust. Built by a company that specialises in creating F1 showcars, these buggies cost a whopping £35,000 each – so that asking price of just £15k each is an absolute steal.

Your very own F1 Golf Buggy. Showgirls not included.

If F1PP had the budget, these would no longer be for sale. Even if just nipping out for a pint of milk and the paper on a Sunday, or even taking the family to the park (it’ll seat six in comfort) you will never find a more unique piece of F1 kit than these.

Click here to check out the original advert.

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