Thoughts of a Champion

F1PPWhen Nico Rosberg was crowned the 2016 Formula One World Champion, it was the realisation of a lifelong dream. A career that started from the embers of desire in watching his father race, right the way through his karting and open-wheeler career, Nico Rosberg always wanted to be counted amongst the elite.

When his Mercedes AMG Petronas crossed in Abu Dhabi and his crown was certain, Nico Rosberg felt he’d accomplished all he’d set out to achieve. In the coming days, he would shock his team and the motorsport community by announcing his retirement form Formula One with immediate effect.

But we hadn’t seen the last of Nico.

UBS have sat down with Nico Rosberg for a series of informative and insightful chats on a variety of subjects to do with his time in Formula One – and in particular, his thoughts on what it is like to be a champion. Each week, a new update will be delivered and we’ll post them here for you to enjoy.

For more F1 insights from UBS, head to

Part One: Time.

Part Two: Jet Lag.



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