Racing to the future: The RS2027

F1PPRenault have used the Shanghai Motorshow as the backdrop of their launch of the Renault Sport F1 R.S 2027 – a stunning look to the future of how Formula One cars could look in ten years time.

This striking creation features a closed cockpit, active LED lighting, groundbreaking safety features (including a pop-up roll bar) and weighs an astonishing 600kgs. Coupled to that, the R.S 2027 will be powered by a small internal combustion engine, boosted by a larger battery system, producing some 1340bhp – a power to weight ratio that has yet to be achieved in current Formula One.

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From the initial sketches, the whole concept has been worked through to produce a working model of the design, with Renault tracking it’s progress every step of the way.

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Not content with just changing the image of the race car of the future, Renault have also suggested that the whole concept of Formula One Racing could change too, splitting the weekend into two events. The first being a longer 250km race, followed up by a ‘sprint’ style of race towards the end of the weekend.

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All in all, it’s a stunning – and exciting – vision of the future by Renault Sport F1 Team.

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You can check out the launch video below:


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