The best F1 commercial you’ve ever seen


Sponsorship in Formula One is not cheap.

So when you invest a rather sizable portion of your marketing budget into an F1 Team, or driver for that matter, you want to make sure that any associated sponsorship delivers alongside of that spend.

Over the years, there have been a number of commercials that have made us smile and chuckle – and some that have made us groan. A quick watch of any television channel at night will see Lewis Hamilton advertising face creams, Jenson Button flogging bank accounts and various different partners, sponsors and suppliers all referencing their involement in the world’s greatest sport.

But once in a while, someone comes along and does it right.

Back in 2007, Shell wanted to highlight their 60 year working relationship with Ferrari. They could have done the usual – reeling off facts and stats and having a talking head referencing their great work – but instead, they produced what has to be the best F1 commercial you have ever seen.

In a shoot lasting several weeks, the creative team visited five iconic locations and with unprecedented access, drove classic Ferrari Formula One cars in Rome, New York, Rio, Hong Kong and around the ‘circuit’ of Monaco. The commercial cost some $USD 2m to produce and was hailed as a triumph by all who saw it.

10 years have now passed – and the commercial still stands the test of time. From the first frame to the ear splitting pull away, I sit and watch in awe – and relish every rev, every gear change… and every new car that appears on screen.

I invite you to watch and enjoy, the best F1 commercial you have ever seen…

And as a special bonus, here’s a look behind the scenes of the making of the commerical, featuring more footage of those classic Ferrari Formula One Cars and the lengths that the producers went to, just to capture the soul of Formula One for Shell.


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