Nice to see you again…

Indeed it is, for it has been a little while since I put pen to paper – well, finger to keyboard actually – and utilized this little piece of WordPress real estate. My last post was just before the European Grand Prix, where I waxed lyrical about some ‘Fast Facts’ about the European GP. Ah, fun times…

Since then we’ve seen a new World Champion, a veteran call time on his career (and then, bizarrely resume it), a team go into administration (again) and more drama than an episode of Coronation Street. To say that time has flown is a bit of an understatement.

So flash forward a few months and here we stand, at the dawn of a new era. New drivers, new regulations – heck, even new owners – it’s all shaping up to be an exciting future. It’s a future that will continue to feature F1PP.

In the next few weeks I’ll be tidying up this blog, the Instagram, Facebook and Twitter feeds and (fingers crossed) announcing one or two collaborations that will be rather exciting. Of course, none of this won’t (and isn’t) possible without you – the wonderful followers of the feeds that exist in cyberspace. Your banter, support and hilarity are warmly received – and I look forward to growing that in 2017.

Keep an eye out if you’re a website developer that can help with a couple of the projects that we’d like to enhance – including giving our WordPress site a much needed makeover. We don’t have budget to spend but can pay you in goodwill, website credits, group hugs and warm thoughts.

Here’s to 2017 and all the action that it will bring.

I can’t wait.




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