The McLaren MP6/P

If you haven’t seen these yet, be prepared to drool…

Conceptual artist Nathan Dearsley has put together a Formula One car based on a McLaren classic livery – and design. He has cast his design in the future and with a nod to the past, he has based the colour scheme on those halcyon days of McLaren dominance. Here’s what he has to say:

‘2056, Cancer is cured, Formula one piloted by Navigators is the pinnacle of motorsport once again. In a bid to go back to thier roots and hopefully regain previous dominance as seen during the Senna / Prost times, Mclaren have turned to their classic Marlboro racing livery powered by Honda. The MP6/P’s development has been a long one, original prototypes where developed and tested by human drivers dating back at far as the early 90’s ( secret heritage photos can be found ), but were deemed too radical for track design at that time, boasting a hybrid of an electric four wheeled system mixed with full on combustion drive at the rear, these prototypes although having very simple aerodynamic design had incredible low speed traction.
Body design purposefully primitive to punch a non turbulent flow of air out of the rear boasted overtaking opportunities, but in return would have unpredictable results within heavy breaking overtaking manoeuvres to the delight of onlookers.’

You can check out Nathan’s original post over at – but in the mean time, take a look at these stunning images and great vision of the future.

mclaren_mp6p_a mclaren_mp6p_b mclaren_mp6p_c mclaren_mp6p_d mclaren_mp6p_e mclaren_mp6p_f mclaren_mp6p_g mclaren_mp6p_photobash


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