Access All Areas with Sahara Force India!

Amazing access to F1 Teams are lot like waiting for buses.

You wait for an age and then two come along – both at the same time!

To be fair, Sahara Force India did get off the line first with their competition and I must say, this is another one that must be entered if you’re an F1 fan. Sadly, this one too is only for UK folks – unless of course you’re willing to get on a plane/boat/hovercraft and make it to Silverstone for the event.

So, what is the competition and how do you enter?

Motor Racing - Sahara Force India F1 Team Livery Launch -  Mexico City, Mexico

The lovely folks at Sahara Force India are giving you the chance to be a part of their filming day, being held at Silverstone in the UK. It’s a great opportunity to get involved with an F1 Team in the most unique way – as a part of their Media and Relations Team! That’s right, you’ll be there on the ground, helping the team’s comms department and sharing YOUR vision of this great day. You’ll have access to the teams hospitality (great food), the team garage (great googly moogly) and – a high probability – access to their drivers!

So how do you enter? What you need to do is email and tell them why YOU should be a part of their team for the day. You’ll also need to enclose some links or examples of your blogging, Twitter or VLogging work – afterall, they need to know you’re not going to stand there, jaw agape as The Hulk strides into the garage looking all Hulk like!

So snap to it – but you’d best be quick as you only have until midday TOMORROW to be a part of this one.

Good luck and May The Force (India) Be With You.


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