Fast Facts: The Azerbaijan GP

After spending 24 hours awake last weekend watching LMP cars blast around Le Mans, our very own statistical genius has gather up all the intel for this weekend's Azerbaijan Grand Prix in Baku. Powered on by a healthy dose of energy drinks, Mars bars and a rather strange addiction to Sheshryanch plov, @F1StatMan delivers his usual... Continue Reading →


Prix-View: The Azerbaijan GP

Round eight of the 2017 Formula One World Championship sees teams and drivers head east to the Caucasus and the city of Baku, home to the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. The long, Hermann “Hike-designed Baku City Circuit is something of an anomaly in terms of street racing. Through the Old City, it features the tight turns... Continue Reading →

Looking to Baku

Though Azerbaijan didn’t conjure up the most enthralling Grand Prix in F1’s history in its inaugural race, it proved to be pivotal and decisive in the title battle as Nico Rosberg reigned king on the old cobbled roads as Hamilton hit trouble. A year on and the title race will still be at the forefront... Continue Reading →

Will Jolyon be told to Jolyoff?

The Renault F1 Boss has warned Palmer to start delivering, but who do they have in mind to replace him if they slam the brakes on his career? Palmer hasn’t had the smoothest of times since his arrival in Formula 1. The most commonly used phrase in relation to his performance is that if he... Continue Reading →

Robert Kubica talks about the future

F1PP is proud to repost the interview below, with approval from it's author, F1 Talks. If you haven't come across this site before, you owe yourself a favour to follow on Twitter (@F1Talks) and of course, make regular trips to the website - Proudly Polish with articles written in both Polish and English (and... Continue Reading →

[Video] Robert Kubica on track with Renault

Renault F1 Team have just released video footage of Robert Kubica in action at his recent private test in Valencia. The video footage, mostly without sound, shows Robert gearing up for his laps, then blasting around the Valencia circuit - and that's when the sound truly kicks in! The Renault Formula One Team have also... Continue Reading →

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